Californian breed rabbit

The Californian Rabbit is a versatile, pleasing large breed of rabbit.

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The Californian Rabbit is valued for its’ white fur coat and large, blocky body, the Californian Rabbit is a favorite for meat processors across the board. However, the friendly, nonaggressive temperament of the Californian Rabbit makes this bre


ed of rabbit an excellent house pet, especially to families with children.
The Californian Rabbit reaches an adult weight of ten to twelve pounds, with the does on the higher end of the scale. The rabbit has a white body with the ears, tail, feet and nose a dark brown to black
color, with black being preferred. The rabbit also has pink or red eyes, just like his New Zealand White ancestor.
The Californian Rabbit was first shown in 1928 at a South Gate, California rabbitcaliforniaBunny200 show. The Californian Rabbit began when, in 1923, George West cross bred a Himalayan rabbit to a Standard Chinchilla to produce a chinchilla colored buck. This buck was bred to several New Zealand White does, resulting in the rabbit we currently know as the Californian.
As with all large breed rabbits, the Californian will tend to get sore hocks if kept in a wire bottomed pen. Proper measures must be taken to avoid them. Aside from the occasional problem of sore hocks, Californian Rabbits are not generally bothered with health problems.
The Californian’s personality ranges from a very social and loving animal to a very quiet and reserved one. He is generally mild mannered and even tempered. The body is sturdy, compact and healthy, making him an excellent choice for your house pet.
For those interested in a 4-H or FFA Market Rabbit project, the trend leans towards the popular New Zealand White. However, the Californian comes in a close second. He is a valuable prospect to consider. The Californian reaches his market weight quickly, in just under 12 weeks time. He is easy to keep in show condition and his mild temperament makes him easy to handle, impressing fair judges.
Whatever your reason for wanting a rabbit, I can honestly recommend the Californian breed.